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Wedding tunes

Ode to Joy - Ludwig Van Beethoven

Simple Gifts - trad

For the Love of a Princess (Love Theme from Braveheart) - James Horner

My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic) - Samuel Lammond/James Horner

Highland Cathedral - Roever and Korb

MacKenzies Wedding March - trad

Skye Boat Song - trad

Scotland the Brave - trad

Mairi's Wedding - trad

Jimmy's Tune Set - Chris Armstrong

3/4 Retreat Marches

Balmoral - D-M Robert Bruce

The Battle's O'er - William Robb

The Bloody Fields of Flanders - John McLellan of Dunoon

Castle Dangerous - J. Haugh

Green Hills of Tyrol - Gioachino Rossini

Lochanside - John McLellan of Dunoon

Magersfontein - John McLellan of Dunoon

My Land - Norman MacLean

On the Road to Passchendaele - Gavin Stoddart

Killworth Hills - GS McLennan

Funeral Tunes

Amazing Grace - John Newton

Flight of the Eaglets (Lady McRoberts' Lament) - Pipe Major Willie Ross

Flowers of the Forest - trad

Going Home - Antonin Dvorák

Loch Rannoch - John Wilson

Mist Covered Mountains - trad

Morag of Dunvegan - trad

Tommy Tully's Air - Terry Tully

The Dark Island - Iain McLachlan

Piobaireachd (See category below)

2/4 Marches

42nd's March - trad

Barren Rocks of Aden - James Mauchline

Black Bear - trad

Brown Haired Maiden - trad

Corriechoillie's 43rd Welcome - Pipe Major Willie Ross

High Road to Gairloch - trad

Teribus - trad

4/4 Marches

Battle of Waterloo - trad

Bluebells of Scotland - trad

Crags of Tumbledown Mountain - James Riddell

Flett from Flotta - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Follow My Highland Soldier - trad

Road to Balquhidder - Trad

Wee Highland Laddie - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Gardens of Skye - A. Harper

Lord Lovat's Lament - trad

Minstrel Boy - trad

Murdo's Wedding - Gavin Stoddart

Rowan Tree - trad

Wings - trad

Slow Airs

The Bells of Dunblane - Robert Mathieson

The Haunting - Neil Dickie

Hector the Hero - James Scott Skinner

Highland Cradle Song - trad

Loch Monar - Pipe Major Willie Ross

Mingulay Boat Song - trad

Road to the Isles - John McLellan of Dunoon

Scots Wha Hae - trad

The Water is Wide - trad

Flower of Scotland - Roy Williamson

2/4 Big Marches

Abercairney Highlanders - Angus MacKay

79th's Farewell to Gibraltar - PM J. MacDonald 79th Highlanders

Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering - William Fergusson

Balmoral Highlanders - Angus MacKay

Clan MacColl - John MacColl

Clan MacRae Society - William Fergusson

Captain Norman Orr Ewing - Pipe Major Willie Ross

Donald MacLellan of Rothesay - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Glen Caladh Castle - John McLellan of Dunoon

Hugh Kennedy - Peter R. MacLeod

Major Manson's Farewell to Clachantrushal - Pipe Major Donald MacLean

Miss Elspeth Campbell - Thomas Douglas

Mrs H L MacDonald of Dunach - William Lawrie

Lieut Col AE Cameron of Aldourie - Pipe Major R Crabb

John MacColls March to Kilbowie Cottage - Pipe Major WM Lawrie


Arniston Castle - trad

Caledonian Canal - trad

Highland Harry - trad

Maggie Cameron - trad

Struan Robertson - trad

Susan MacLeod - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Cpt Colin Campbell - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod


Alick C. MacGregor - G. S. McLennan

Bessie McIntyre - William MacLean

Brown Haired Maid - trad

Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree - Peter Farquhar

John Morrison of Assynt House - Peter R. MacLeod

Traditional - trad

Sound of Sleat - D MacKinnon

6/8 Marches

Atholl Highlanders - trad

Muckin' of Geordie's Byre - trad

Angus MacKinnon - Donald Shaw Ramsay

Colonel Craig Brown - Pipe-Major Charles Cameron

Doctor Ross's 50th Welcome - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Donald MacLean of Lewis - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Duncan McGillivray Chief Steward - Jim McGillivray

Farewell to the Creeks - James Robertson

John D Burgess - George Cockburn

Mrs. Lily Christie - Donald Shaw Ramsay

Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon - Bobby MacLeod

Sweet Maid of Mull - A. C. Beaton

Tug Argan Gap - Pipe Major John M. MacKenzie

6/8 Jigs

Alan MacPherson of Mosspark - Pipe Major A MacDonald

Braes of Mellinish - trad

Cork Hill - trad

Donella Beaton - George Johnstone

Old Wife of the Mill Dust - trad

Paddy's Leather Breeches - trad

Skymans Jig - trad


Lucy Cassidy - George McIntyre

The Man from Skye - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod

Pipe Major George Allan - Pipe Major Donald MacLeod


Sir James MacDonald of the Isles Lament

MacNeil of Barra's March

The MacGregors Salute

MacDougall's Gathering

Munros Salute

Lament for Donald Doughal Mackay

His Fathers Lament for Donald MacKenzie

Lament for Hugh

The Wee Spree

Military Set

The Marine Corps Hymn - Jacques Offenbach

Caisson's - 1st Lieut. Edmund L. Gruber

Over There - trad

Odds and Ends

Happy Birthday - Mildred Hill

Its a Grand Old Flag

Dance Tunes

Battle of the Somme - William Lawrie

The Heights of Dargai - trad

Athol Highlanders - trad

Whistle O'er the Lave o'It (Seann Triubhas) - trad

The Liberton Pipe Band - trad

Ghillie Calum (Sword Dance) - trad

Longueval - George Stoddart

Farewell Set

We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa' - trad

Will Ye No Come Back Again - trad

Auld Lang Syne - Robert Burns

Tune List

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